Greece- food and drink

Those who are planning to visit Greece need to have some knowledge of its food just as they research its culture and attractions. Especially if you are using a wine tasting tours Greece, you will find it useful to know about the local food and drink popular in the country.

Foreign influence

Greek food is said to be greatly influenced by its neighboring countries. Italy and Turkey have impacted the Greek food in great ways. There are several dishes that are shared between these countries.

Greek food

Due to its Mediterranean climate, the cuisine of the country is mainly mediterranean as well with vegetables, herbs, and grains forming the staple diet. Seafood is also extremely popular due to the large coastline the country enjoys. The country is also a major market for lamb, beef, pork, and chicken. The dominant cooking oil is olive and you will always find bread and wine at your dinner table.

Main dishes

If you are looking for authentic Greek food, you must try out the moussaka, which is a sauce based dish with minced meat, eggplant and tomato baked together. Pastitsio is another dish that is very close to its sister lasagna. You must also try out the stifado, a wine and cinnamon based meat stew. Paidakia is grilled lamb chops very often ordered and eaten by Greeks. You will find fried potatoes everywhere in Greece and unlike chips, they are very tasty when freshly made.

Some fast foods you may order are gyros that are roasted pork or chicken wrapped in fried pita, soulaki or grilled meat and grilled octopus.


Greece has been a wine producing country since ancient times and there are various local wineries that produce top quality wines. These can be visited using special wine tasting tours Greece. Other popular drinks include Beer, Coffee, and iced tea.

In order to enjoy the local coffees and cafes, you can look for kafeteries that are like your typical cafeteria or kafeneia that are more like coffee houses or coffee shops.