Earn free bitcoins through games

Who doesn’t love to play an awesome game? What if you could earn while playing games? That would be an ideal world full of coins. Well, more specifically, bitcoins. Now, you can earn free bitcoin by playing games online. This doesn’t mean that you will become a millionaire if you play a few rounds of games, but it certainly means that you can earn bitcoins and real bitcoins through gaming.

Several Bitcoin games have been introduced and you can earn Satoshis by playing these games.

Here are some games you can play and get Bitcoins in the process. What is even more amazing is that these games do not require deposits. You play and you earn, its that simple.

1- Brain games

Games like SatoshiQuiz and Bitcoin riddles are brain games that present riddles and questions and award up to 1000 satoshis for correct answers.

2- Trading games

These are trading simulation games in which you speculate on financial markets. If your speculations are correct and you do well, you can earn currencies and points which can then be cashed as BTC. An example would be Spark Profit.

3- Flash games

Some examples of flash games may be Cash Clamber and Tremor Games. These are flash-based games in which you earn coins for completing tasks and gaining achievements. These can then be cashed out in Bitcoins.

4- Phone games

Apps and phones aren’t behind in the Bitcoin game race. Games like Bitjoy, Takara, SaruTobi are some of the popular phone games that award Bitcoins. The games are fun and interactive, though sometimes show lots of advertisements.

5- MMO And Sandbox games

Sandbox games are hugely popular because they allow you to create your own game world. When Sandbox meets Minecraft you get BitQuest, a game with Bitcoin as the in-game currency. This currency can be earned, mined, or traded as you want.

If you are still stunned with the questions, ‘is it really possible?’ ‘how to get free bitcoins playing games’ or “can this be true?’, better check the games out now.